History is here

Each day, we add value to our reputation with a commitment of six generations. For us, tomorrow is not just another day - it’s an opportunity to make our vision a reality. It's our legacy to maintain quality in milk. We deliver the values learned from our community through our products, with a strong commitment to quality & goodness. This is the core of whatever we do, from procurement to marketing campaigns, we promote only the good. This gives us the assurance that every product has nothing but goodness.

Every day, the highest quality milk is collected directly from farmers at our rural collection points. We do stringent quality checks in our plants to maintain quality standards. It is then preserved and packaged with modern technology with care so that every drop of goodness stays, as it is when it reaches you. Nagauri Milk is the right blend of legacy & modern technology to deliver the best. Nagauri milk delivers better nutrition and wellness as we promise to you. Nagauri milk is everything Mother Nature offers from a drop of milk to you.